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Dominic and Ami, the owners and driving instructors at Drivezone Driving School, have been teaching in the Penrith and surrounding Penrith suburbs and Lower Blue Mountains for the past 28 years, so our students can be assured of quality and knowledge given on each driving lesson.

Drivezone Driving Schools Driving Instructors, Dominic and Ami, the owners of Drivezone Driving School will be conducting your driving lessons, you will not be sent a sub-contractor and therefore you will always receive the same instructor and vehicle whilst maintaining the highest level of quality of driving instruction.



Drivezone Driving School has over 28 years experience teaching students to drive and covers Penrith and Springwood Road and Maritime Sevices and conducts driving lessons in Penrith and Penrith’s service surrounding suburbs and Lower Blue Mountains

On our Drivezone Driving School Testimonial Page you will find many happy customer reviews for you to read or go onto our Google Business Reviews and browse through our over 288 5 star reviews, just like our happy customer right here!

Outstanding Instructor – Dom’s Expertise Made All the Difference!

I’ve tried a few other driving instructors before, but Dom stands out as the one who truly helped me to become not just a competent driver but a safe one too.

I passed my driving test on the first attempt – a testament to his exceptional teaching methods.

His teaching style was not only informative but also incredibly patient. Dom provided clear instructions, valuable insights, and constructive feedback that boosted my confidence behind the wheel. The lessons were well-structured, covering a variety of driving scenarios and preparing me thoroughly for the test.

What impressed me the most was the personalised approach. Dom tailored each lesson to my specific needs, addressing any concerns or areas where I needed improvement. He created a comfortable and positive learning environment, making the entire process enjoyable.

Moreover, his knowledge of the driving test requirements was extensive, and he went above and beyond to make sure I understood and mastered every aspect. The emphasis on safety and responsible driving was evident throughout the training, instilling good habits that extends beyond passing the test and will undoubtedly contribute to my safety on the road in the future.

I highly recommend Dom to anyone seeking not only to pass their driving test but also to become a confident and skilled driver. Thank you, Dom, for being an outstanding driving instructor and making this milestone in my life such a positive and successful experience!


Joanna, Penrith

Drivezone’s Driving Instructors specialise in teaching all types of students ranging from:


1 Driving Lesson = 3 hours in your log book

Beginners with zero to minimal driving experience

Student’s building hours at any stage of their hours from 0 hours to 120 hours

– Students getting ready for the P’s test and are polishing their skills

Mature Age students

Refresher lessons for any full licensed driver

Refresher Lessons for the Old Age Driving Test

– Overseas licence conversions 

– Driving Lessons in Penrith and Penrith Surrounding Suburbs and Driving Lessons in Lower Blue Mountains


Drivezone is dedicated to making your driving lessons stress free and fun.

Drivezone Driving Instructors are members of the Australian Driver Trainer Association.

Our Drivezone Driving Instructors all have current Working with Children Check Certificates so you can be sure you are safe whilst on your lesson.

Drivezone driving instructor have meet all the Road and Maritime Services legal requirements and Police Checks.

Drivezone runs a fully staffed booking and enquiries office. Our Drivezone driving instructors do not take bookings or enquiries in their cars.

All calls are taken at our Drivezone office making your lesson a genuine 1 hour driving lesson.

Your son, daughter or yourself will not be interrupted during their driving lessons.

Here at Drivezone, our structured driving lessons are based on quality as well as value for money.

On your first driving lesson, your Drivezone driving instructor will conduct an driving evaluation.

They will find out where you are up to in your driving and then tailor your future lessons to suit your driving needs.

All duty of care is taken to provide a safe and stress free driving lesson.

At Drivezone we offer a mobile service.

Our driving instructors will pick you up from home or a station close by to home, at school or work for your convenience.

Here at Drivezone we provide lessons for school, university and TAFE students as well as lessons for adults who want to get on the road.

Our driving instructors here at Drivezone also prepare Seniors for their Old Age Assessor Tests.

Drivezone can give refresher lessons to help already licensed drivers to build up their confidence.

Drivezone Driving Instructors will evaluate each student against their current individual driving skills. They will tailor each to suit their driving ability accordingly.

Our Driving School also caters for nervous and anxious students as well as mature students.

Your Drivezone Driving Instructor will sit down with you and plan your lessons around your current driving ability.

Here at Drivezone Driving School, we understand that each student has different learning styles, personalities and ability levels with different driving skills.

At Drivezone Driving School we provide single lesson prices and package deals to help you save money which is outlined on our Prices Page.

Here at Drivezone Driving School our vehicles are all dual-controlled and kept to the RMS and manufacturers standards.

Click here for a guide to the NSW RMS Ps Driving Test 

Here at Drivezone Driving School we take pride in helping you reach your driving goals.



 Drivezone Driving School Penrith

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 Drivezone Driving School Penrith

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 Drivezone Driving School Penrith

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Why Choose Us?

Learning with Drivezone Driving School means you are set up with the life skills and confidence to be safe and responsible member of the driving community.

To us, driving lessons should not be based on the price but on the skills you will take away with you at the end of every driving lesson and after achieving a pass result on your P’s test.

We teach in Penrith and Penrith surrounding suburbs, Lower Blue Mountains conducting auto driving lessons.

  • Over 28 years Experience in the driving instructor industry
  • 1 Driving Lesson = 3 log book hours
  • Fluent English speaking driving instructors
  • Current Working with Children Checks
  • Current Police Checks
  • Dual Control Vehicles
  • Fully Insured
  • Auto vehicles
  • Senior Driver lessons
  • RMS Accredited Driving Instructors
  • Female and Male Driving Instructors
  • Local Driving Instructors
  • Overseas Licence Conversions
  • Driving Lesson Package Deals Available
  • Driving lessons tailored for nervous or anxious students
  • Suspended Licence Lessons
  • Refresher Driving Lessons
  • Structured Lessons with Drivezone Lesson Record Card provided
  • Driving Test Package available
  • Provider of driving lessons for Government and private employment agencies

Client Testimonials

Penrith Driving School

“Such a great school! Felt confident and excited to go for my Ps! Dom my Drivezone Driving Instructor helped me with my nerves on the day and it was a great experience! Love how much confidence Dom gave me. He taught me so much more than what I thought I had to know. I love Drivezone Driving School and would recommend it to all!”

Sarah Perry, Glenmore Park Penrith.

About Drivezone Driving School

Dominic, the owner of Drivezone Driving School, has 25 years experience in driving instructing. He started his career at Ltrent in 1994 firstly as a driving instructor and then went onto train new driving instructors.

Drivezone Driving School deals with Penrith RMS and Springwood RMS and Penrith and Penrith’s surrounding suburbs, Blue Mountains in Auto catering for all Learner Drivers in those areas.

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Why Choose Drivezone Driving School?

Upon receiving your enquiry in our offices, our Drivezone receptionist will take down your details and organise one of our Drivezone Driving Instructors to come to your location and pick you up for your lesson.

At the beginning of the lesson they will quickly fill out any required RMS paperwork. The lesson is then conducted depending on and tailored to suit your skill level. You may be a total beginner or someone who just needs their already established skills polished up for the driving test. We have a Package deals to suit each and every scenario.

At the end off the lesson our Drivezone Driving Instructor will give you a personalised student record card  showing you at what level and topic you are up to. This record card you keep and bring back with you to your next driving lesson. They will then write out an individual Drivezone Driving School Lesson Planner outlining and explaining to you which topics will be taught on the next Driving Lesson and then they will organise your next Driving Lesson with you directly. This system using a Drivezone Driving School Record card and Lesson Planner will save you time which means it will also save you money.

Penrith and Penrith’s Surrounding Suburbs, Blue Mountains in Auto Lessons

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