Common Questions

How many Drivezone driving lessons will I/my son/daughter need?

This depends on how much driving experience the student has and where the student has driven prior to instruction with Drivezone Driving School. This means it is very different to drive in busy traffic conditions then to just drive in a straight line on a motorway or highway.

How many driving lessons needed by each individual also depends on the students own ability. Some take to driving naturally and others take extra time. Due to this we have designed Beginner’s packages and packages tailored for people who are ready to sit for their P’s test.

If you have driven prior to your first driving lesson with Drivezone Driving School, our trained driving instructors will assess your knowledge and ability, then determine which cost effective lesson plan suits you the best.

If there is no previous driving experience we will start you off in the right direction by showing you the correct way and taking you through the basic driving skills needed for you to start your driving instruction ensuring a successful pathway to passing your test whilst also working out the most cost effective route to your licence.

What car does he/she use for the  driving test?

A vehicle will be provided for your test and is the car you have trained in during your lessons if you have had previous driving lessons with us. All vehicles are inspected by the RMS prior to going out on the driving test and are maintained to this standard at all time.

Booking your P’s driving test:
Your Drivezone driving instructor will book your P’s test with the RMS. The cost is currently $58 payable to the RMS.

Your P’s test will be booked once you have completed all your topics and skill levels outlined on your Record Card, ensuring you are ready for the RMS’ P’s Test pass requirements. This means you are guaranteed to pass your test first time.

You must also have completed your Hazard Perception Test at your local RMS prior to us being able to book your P1 test for you. This can be booked and completed once you have held your Ls for nine months.

What do you need to bring to your Drivezone driving lesson?

For each driving lesson bring your log book, learners licence and the record card provided to you on the first driving lesson. Wear comfortable and thin soled shoes and reading or sunglasses if needed.

What is the cost for the licence test with Drivezone Drving School?

Drivezone Driving School’s cost for a driving test is $180. This includes pick-up from home or suitable spot, one hour lesson before the test to warm up and settle any nerves, use of the car for the test, insurance for the car and drop off to home or chosen spot afterwards.

The cost for your P licence is currently $59 payable to the RMS upon a successful test pass.