Please bring your mask as the NSW Health Government requirement is for face masks to be worn during the whole lesson.

Hand Sanitizer will be available in the car and also need to be used at the beginning of the lesson.

The cars will be disinfected before and after each lesson.

Please bring your mobile phone so you can sign in and out of our Covid 19 QR Code.

Your Drivezone Driving School Instructors carry a cleaning kit in the car to use before and after every lesson.


Before Your Lessonfast lessons driving school penrith

Ami and Dominic, your driving instructors will arrive 5 minutes before your lesson to disinfect and clean the Drivezone Vehicle including exterior and interior of the car and direct touch points of the car.

They will also wash and hand sanitized their hands to make sure everything is clean before the lesson starts.


Safe Driving School Penrith


During Your Lesson

You will need to sign in using our QR Code and show that you have signed in to your Drivezone Driving Instructor.

You will use our hand sanitizer.

Wearing face masks will also be mandatory during your lessons so please be wearing one before you get inside the car.

Both yourself and your Drivezone Driving Instructor will practice social distancing where appropriate.

Try not to touch your face or mask during your driving lesson.

Hand Sanitizer will be available in the car for you to use and will be required to be used at the beginning of the lesson.


Driving School Penrith

After Your Lesson

You Drivezone Driving Instructor will clean and disinfect the car wiping down all interior and exterior surfaces including door handles, steering wheel, gear stick, indicators and keys.

Your Drivezone Driving School Instructors will wash their hands as well as use hand sanitizer.

Your Drivezone Driving Instructor

Our Drivezone Driving Instructors, Dom and Ami, have both been fully and double dosed vaccinated.



Thank you for supporting Drivezone Driving School through this difficult time.

Drivezone Driving School is constantly monitoring the Government advice on conducting driving lessons and we are doing everything that we can to ensure that you have a safe space to practice driving to reach your driving goals.