Drivezone Driving School Testimonials

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Outstanding Instructor – Dom’s Expertise Made All the Difference!

I’ve tried a few other driving instructors before, but Dom stands out as the one who truly helped me to become not just a competent driver but a safe one too.

I passed my driving test on the first attempt – a testament to his exceptional teaching methods.

His teaching style was not only informative but also incredibly patient. Dom provided clear instructions, valuable insights, and constructive feedback that boosted my confidence behind the wheel. The lessons were well-structured, covering a variety of driving scenarios and preparing me thoroughly for the test.

What impressed me the most was the personalised approach. Dom tailored each lesson to my specific needs, addressing any concerns or areas where I needed improvement. He created a comfortable and positive learning environment, making the entire process enjoyable.

Moreover, his knowledge of the driving test requirements was extensive, and he went above and beyond to make sure I understood and mastered every aspect. The emphasis on safety and responsible driving was evident throughout the training, instilling good habits that extends beyond passing the test and will undoubtedly contribute to my safety on the road in the future.

I highly recommend Dom to anyone seeking not only to pass their driving test but also to become a confident and skilled driver. Thank you, Dom, for being an outstanding driving instructor and making this milestone in my life such a positive and successful experience!


Joanna, Penrith


I finally passed my provisional license!!! Ami from Drivezone helped me pass my provisional licence with ease, how everything was taught and explained was very helpful and knowledgeable Ami was patient and attentive and I would recommend Drivezone to anyone who is learning to drive and wanting to obtain their license ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sally, Cambridge Park



Passed the first time!! Really happy with the experiences with Ami. She is very patient and professional all the time!!! Highly recommended!!!

Cindy, Penrith



Dom was an amazing teacher and helped my pass my test first go ina short time frame. Very patient but in depth teacher. Would recommend to all ages.

Douglas, South Penrith


I got the 10 lesson pack with Dom and within 3 months I got my P’s! I am so grateful and couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Jessie, South Penrith



Amazing service! Lovely family business and wouldn’t recommend anyone else 🙂

Thank you for all the driving knowledge!

Bianca, Jordan Springs



After 10 years on my Ls Dominic helped me gain confidence & the skill needed to pass my test. Cannot reccomend his services enough.


Kelsey, Penrith


Drivezone Driving School Penrith Driving Lessons Penrith

Did my lessons with Dom from Drivezone Driving School Penrith, 100% would recommend!


Catherine, Cranebrook Penrith



First time taking driving lessons and with Ami’s help I passed on the first go! She’s really great at calming nerves and giving really good tips to make you a better driver! Thank you Ami! 🙂


Tara, Penrith


Great lessons from Dom. I had next to no experience when I started. He had a sound structure to teaching and was a great instructor. Highly recommend their services.


Andrew, Penrith


Thanks so much and passed first go!


Eleanor, Penrith


Passed first try! Thank you Ami!


Emily, Penrith


Highly skilled and professional instructors, I would recommend them. Thanks!


Dean, Penrith


I had lessons for a few months after I started driving with Dom, he was such a great instructor and I learnt everything I needed to know. I definitely recommend.


Tamika, Werrington Penrith


So happy pasted my ps test all thanks to Drivezone Driving School!


Olivia, Cranebrook Penrith


I did my driving lessons with Ami and she taught me everything I needed to know. She is a great instructor. I would recommend her to anyone.


Danielle, Penrith


Passed with 100% first go. Thank you so much Dominic for preparing me so well for the test.


Jay,  Glenmore Park Penrith


Passed first go with Dom. Very patient and Knowledgeable instructor. Would highly recommend. Came to Drivezone with minimal skills and was corrected and ready to go within 10 lessons.


Jade, Cranebrook Penrith


I was happy with all the services.Dominic was very patient with me.I managed to convert my overseas license at one go.I would recommend Dominic anytime he is professional and you come out as the best driver and I am very happy to have chosen the best driving instructor.


Karen, Penrith


Yay I passed thank you so much!

I thought that my wife would have little chance in getting her NSW car license. I was wrong. Thanks to Ami from Drivezone. Ami was attentive and professional. Wife got her licence first up. Well done my wife and big thank you Ami.


Amy, Penrith


Past first go! Definitely recommend:)


Charlie, Glenmore Park Penrith


Failed twice, came to Dominic and passed first time. Highly recommend.


Michael, Penrith


Passed first go, had five amazing lessons with Dom, without him I wouldn’t have passed, very pleased!


Diesel, Penrith


Had driving lessons with Dom after having my learners for a while and felt nervous driving. He helped me pass my test first go and feel more confident driving!


Alicia, Glenmore Park


Great experience driving with this school. Passed first go!


Ayesha Glenmore Park, Penrith

Great experience with Dom, a patient but firm teacher with all the knowledge you could ever need. Took me from no experience behind the wheel to P plates in just under four months!

David, Penrith

I had Dominic as a driving instructor and within 5 lessons I had everything I needed to pass my P’s first go which only the top 10% of learner drivers can do, so this school helped me out a lot and I will definitely recommend them to my friends!

Jacob, Penrith

I want to thank Ami for all her help, as I would not have gotten my P’s without her. She will teach you to be a safer driver on the road, which will ensure you pass your test. She’s extremely compassionate and very thorough in her instruction, and will work with you on any weak areas in your driving to build your confidence and ensure you pass. Thank you so much, couldn’t have done it without you!


Jessica, Penrith


Finally got my licence bit the bullet
Dom was a tough but great teacher!


Natalie, Penrith


5 Stars!


Sam, Springwood


Passed first time. My instructor was Ami and she’s been extremely helpful in the process of getting my license. Personally I didn’t take the Driver Safety course though with Ami’s instructions I already felt confident in knowing my hazards on the road as that was apart of the teaching from the beginning. I highly recommend Drivezone.


Mary, Penrith


Dom had heaps of patience with me, despite my nerves. It took me a little while, but Id highly recommend this place.


Bradley, Penrith


Ami was an amazing instructor and helped me be confident in the car! Yayyy I passed


Shadae, Penrith



Ami is the best! Passed first go with her support and guidance!


Katie, Penrith


Great Instructor! Thank you for all your help!


Nikita, Penrith


Recommend this driving school, great instructors that really help with tips for driving!


Molly, Penrith


Ami really helped battle my anxiety when it came to driving, she made the process comfortable and was a great instructor! Thanks again for everything!


Katerina, Penrith


I have just passed my Ps with this driving school. I would highly recommend. My instructor was very helpful and without him I would not be here with my Ps!


Oliver, Springwood


Can’t recommend Dom enough! I was a pretty nervous learner and thanks to Dom’s confident, calm teaching Is style i was able to learn quickly and pass my test on the first attempt. Thanks a lot Dom! 🙂


Anthony, Valley Heights


Highly recommend!


Holly, Springwood



Dominic is the greatest Driving instructor. He’s helped me get my license on the first go.

Would recommend him to anyone that wants to get there license.


Yann, Penrith



Really good instructions to pass the test as well as to drive in any conditions. Must try with drivezone if you are trying to get a license. Thank you so much Amie.


Vaishnavi Jordan Springs, Penrith



Dom is an amazing instructor very straight to the point very helpful passed first go !

Lexi, Penrith




Dominic was an amazing instructor. Made me pass my driving test on the first go. Would recommend him to everyone.

Dawn, Penrith


I would like to say thank you so much to my driving instructor Ami! She’s very calm, friendly and patient. Definitely would recommend them to anyone needing driving lessons.

Janina Kingswood, Penrith




Kane, Penrith


Dom is an absolute champion and got me to pass my Ps test!!! Thanks Dom!!!


Alison, Penrith


Learned alot helped me pass first go; really good help, would recommend 10/10!


Tyson Kingswood, Penrith


Searched for a driving school to finally assist me in getting my P’s. Saw Drivezone and liked their packages and prices. Called Dominic who booked me in with Ami. Ami was a great instructor who was patient, clear with her instructions and feedback. Couldn’t be happier spending hours in the car with her and I’m glad I did as after only a few short weeks I walked out with my P’s. Thanks Ami!


Remy, Penrith


Excellent driving school, Dom is an amazing and supportive teacher, who gives great advice on how to improve. Thanks to him, I passed on my first go! Would recommend this driving school to everyone 🙂


Hannah, South Penrith


Passed my P’s test on my first go thanks to Drivezone! Ami was an amazing instructor, helped me stay calm and perfect my driving before the test 🙂


Ashlee, Penrith




Yay I passed first go! ?

I have gained so much confidence in driving going through Drivezone Driving School! I loved it! Thank you ?


Leah Glenmore Park, Penrith



Dom was incredibly helpful and made me feel comfortable and confident driving!


Keibah, Valley Heights


After not driving for 20 years Dom made my learning experience professional and friendly. Helped to calm me down, know exactly what I was doing, and I passed the test first time! I am very grateful for his lessons and recommend Drivezone to anyone.


Mark, Penrith

Yay I passed with 100%!!!!

Thankyou Ami!! Could not have passed without your help! See you in 3 years for the next child lol!


Max and Dawn, Emu Plains Penrith


I can honestly say I would not have passed my P1 test without Dominic’s help!

He was calm and collected and gave me really good instructions and advice.

I definitely recommend taking lessons with him!


Assmaa, Penrith




Thankyou drivezone, specially Dom, your an amazing teacher thank-you for teaching me everyday for several months, so excited I got my p’s first go 99% hooray!!!


Malcolm, Jordon Springs, Penrith



I passed!!! thank you so much, amazing teaching and learning experience 🙂


Olivia, Leonay Penrith


Ami was such a lovely and patient instructor. I was able to pass my test my first go!


Mikaela Cambridge Park, Penrith


I had lessons and passed first go!

Great driving teacher: highly recommend!


Riley, Penrith


Great lesson with Dom. Passed driving test 1st go with no problem. I can highly recommend Drivezone.


Peter, Emu Plains


Yay I passed first go. Thank you to Ami!!!


Emily, Claremont Meadows


Awesome teaching, really helped me get my Ps!


Lachlan Orchard Hills, Penrith


Re-learning driving after driving in the states. They were fantastic at conditioning out old habits. Passed on first go! Thanks Ami!


Kathryn, Penrith


I had a wonderful experience with Drivezone. Ami was my driving instructor, she was patient, experienced and I highly recommend her. Today I got my P’s on the first go! Thank you Ami ?


Emilia Glenmore Park, Penrith


I had my lessons and through the hard lessons about my bad habits I managed to pass first try!


Aiden, Penrith



Great instructor, Dom was great, thank you so much for the help!


Brendon, Penrith


Passed my driving test with Dominic from Drivezone Driving School and would highly recommend!


Sheridan, Penrith



Such a good driving instructor: passed 1st go I recommend Drivezone Driving School!


Jake Cranebrook, Penrith


Thanks for the lessons Ami and Drivezone Driving School!


Ruby, Penrith


Great teacher really nice helped me so much!


Josh, Leonay


I have had a great experience learning with Drivezone. I found the instructor Dominic to be very knowledgeable and accommodating for my needs. Thanks to him I learnt how to drive properly!


Jameel, Glenmore Park


Great place! Ami was really consistent and reliable – she taught in a way that explained how to be a safe driver and what they are looking for in a test. Would recommend!

Varuna, South Penrith


Passed my test on the first time thanks to the Amazing instructors!


Siobhan, Penrith



Driving instructor Dom was great, taught me everything I needed to know to pass my ps test, would recommend!


Natasha, Cambridge Park 



They were very accomodating to my needs and made sure to give extra help and instruction on parts I struggled with. My instructor had the RMS P’s test-courses memorised and I didn’t even noticed the difference between lessons and the real thing. 10/10!!!!

Michael, Penrith


Dom was an excellent teacher. Helped me pass on my first try and was always very nice to me.

Caitlin, Kingwood


Was super helpful, passed test!

Alice, Glenmore Park Penrith


Drivezone is very good to learn your skills with confidence!

Dave, South Penrith



I had lessons with Dominic and he was so lovely! Made me feel super relaxed and helped me achieve my goal of getting my P’s. Would definitely recommend these guys if you are looking for lessons, they are awesome! This is an amazing driving school! Dominic my instructor made me feel comfortable and relaxed which I really need as I am quite anxious, I did a few lessons with them before going for my p’s and they helped me get them on my first go. Would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for someone to help with driving lessons!!!

Portia, Springwood



After 3 attempts with other driving schools, Dom from Drivezone helped me finally pass my test free of nerves. Thank you!!!!

Thanks very Much Dominic! Job Well done! Great news that Clem passed! Thanks for pointing out all of his issues!

Clem, Kate & Mike, Springwood


Yayyy I passed!

Lilly, Penrith





Alana, Penrith



Dom was great from start to finish in getting my licence today. Nice to find somebody that cares about his students!

Andre, Penrith



Supported me until I passed my driving test – would recommend to anybody looking for a driving instructor! Thanks Ami and Drivezone Driving School Penrith!

Larissa, Penrith



Dominic is an amazing instructor! I was so nervous before and with his guidance I became more confident with my driving. He is so patient and really explain to you what should be done and shows you how to do it. If you are looking for a driving school, I recommend Dominic and Drivezone Penrith!

Marisol, Penrith


Even though I have anxiety while driving, was incredibly helpful in calming my nerves and explaining what to do in a helpful manner. Thanks to my instructor, I passed my driving test on my first try with an almost perfect score.

Jake, Penrith



Drivezone is the best driving school to go with. I had a lot of anxiety with driving and Ami made me feel nothing but comfortable and at ease and I passed my Ps on the first go. I can’t recommend Ami and Drivezone enough! Thank you Ami and Drivezone!

Amie, Penrith



I got my ps on the first test! Absolutely eased all my nerves and gave me the confidence to take the test without a worry, so grateful toDrivezone!

Georgial, Penrith



I passed first time! Ami is so patient and understanding. Highly recommended.

Caitlin, Penrith


Love the the time with dom with him I managed to pass the driving test somehow didnt realy expect it because I’m not the best driver

Kurtis, Penrith


My driver dominic showed me everything i needed to know to pass my driving test in a calm and precise manner, he taught me how to take the p’s test in an area i had never been before in a matter of 2 hours

Christian, Penrith


Had lessons with Dominic from Drivezone. Great lessons to help me pass my test.

Nicholas, Penrith


“Dom was a fantastic instructor, he  helped me feel very prepared for the driving test and was really informative and kind. Thank you Dom!”

Xanthe, Penrith


I totally recommend Dominic. This is the guy to help & teach you how to drive. I passed in the first go so you can to. Get in touch, very grateful for his service ?

Fakaanga, Penrith


What a fantastic group of people to help me at 44yrs old to get my P’s for the very first time, I can not thank Dom enough for this THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Belinda, Penrith


Really enjoyed driving with Ami from Drivezone Driving School and happy to say I passed ?

Tiarna, Penrith


Passed first go, was very happy with the lessons and constant help I had. Thanks Dom.

Jacob Glenmore Park, Penrith


Passed First time Penrith RMS

Yay I got my Ps; thanks Ami!

Cody, Penrith


Had multiple lessons with Dominic in automatic; really professional and very helpful with preparation for the p1 test!

Jason, Penrith


The lessons were amazing, great feedback and quality. Learnt a lot in a only a few lessons. Passed first go!

Oskar, Kingswood Penrith


I passsd first go, I would recommend, instructors are very calm!

James, Glenmore Park Penrith


I had a wonderful experience with Drivezone Penrith. I had plenty of lessons with instructor Ami and passed my test first go. Being so nervous to drive, Ami was a great fit and helped me ease my driving anxiety. She was so patient and understanding. Almost 3 years after I got my Learner’s License, I finally got there and couldn’t thank Ami enough. Definitely recommend Ami for any anxious drivers out there!

Rachel, South Penrith


Got my Ps with Drivezone, and my instructor Ami was so professional and accommodating. Could not have done it without her, highly recommend!

Joanne, Penrith


Excellent service, very personal while maintaining a professional and calm atmosphere! Highly recommend to any new drivers!

Brady, Penrith



Ami was a really good instructor, she was helping and informative. She definitely helped me pass my test.

Olivia, Jamisontown Penrith


Ami was a great instructor; thank you so much!

Bonnie, Penrith


Learning at Drivezone gave me the confidence I needed to successfully polish my skills and pass my test on the first go. I would highly recommend Drivezone to anyone looking for a reliable driving school that can help you achieve the results you’re aiming for!

Simone, Penrith


Awesome driving school! Ami was amazing!

Caitlin, Glenmore Park Penrith


Learning with Dominic helped me become more confident and competent for the test! He was an amazing driving instructor who corrected my errors calmly and gently. Thank you!

Anna, Cranebrook Penrith


Thanks to Ami for giving me the confidence to successfully get my licence!

Sonia Cole, Penrith


Dominic was very patient and friendly, I was very nervous driving, but he helped me get through it.

Olivia, Penrith



Drivezone is one of the most organised and professional driving schools I experienced. My instructor Ami was consistently on time, was very knowledgeable and was able to pass that onto me, resulting in a pass first go! I would HIGHLY recommend this driving school.

Megan, Penrith


Amazing teacher helped every second of the way and passed with flying colours!!! Thank you so much Dom!

Joel, Penrith


Did my driving lessons with Dominic, he was great. I passed my driving test with his help!”

Gabriella, Penrith


Ami was such a great driving instructor. So kind and gives great rules and tips to pass. I got my p’s first go with drive zone and would highly recommend their services.

Chloe, Penrith


Five stars!

Ashley, Penrith

After learning with Dominic I passed my test the first time. He is very patient and knowledgeable. Thanks for all of your help!!

Riley, Penrith


Thanks you so much for the good job l only did 5 lessons with Dominic and l passed my driver’s license. I once attended other driving school and l paid for 10lessons but l could not get the driver’s license. Thank you Dominic for kind amd patient may God bless you!

Tsitsi, Penrith


Great Instructor! Dom is very thorough, great explanations and insights. Was able to help me focus in an become a better driver!

Wayne Pearce, Cambridge Park Penrith


I had Colin as a driving instructor. He helped me so much on my driving and because of that I passed first try! Very reputable company and has the best driving instructors!

Alec, Cambridge Park Penrith



After having not driven for a year, the lessons with Dominic helped me gain my confidence in driving back and I passed with a perfect score. Thank you!

Ashley Holmes, Emu Plains Penrith


Ami is lovely and patient. She explains things easily and thoroughly

Jessica Pegg, Cranebrook Penrith


Finally got my P’s!!! I’d like to say a big thank you to Ami for teaching me everything I had to know to pass the test ????

Tiana Abbott, South Penrith


Thank you so much to Drivezone Penrith Driving School for helping me be confident behind the wheel and passing first go!

Kayla, Kingswood Penrith



Fantastic service. Helped me overcome nerves and reservations and get my licence quickly and easily. Thanks Ami and Drivezone Driving School!

Sarah Lewis, Cranebrook Penrith


Passed my test first try thanks to Dom at Drivezon’s lessons and instruction.

Ashleigh Clibborn, Cambridge Park Penrith


Amazing! I’m 37 and never thought I’d drive. But here I am….first time 100%. Never too late. Dom is a gem!

Naomi Pryde, Warrimoo


Passed my test first time! Thanks Drivezone Driving School Penrith.

Reese, Penrith


Drivezone Driving School Penrith’s lessons and instruction helped me pass first time. Had auto and manual lessons.

Bianca, Kingswood Penrith


Thanks Colin and Drivezone Driving School for the lessons and helping me pass.

Zoe R, Richmond 


Thanks Ami and Drivezone Driving School Penrith! I had lesson at the beginning and at the end of my hours and passed first go at Penrith RMS

MacKenzie Ferguson Glenmore Park Penrith


Passed my test first go at Springwood RMS! Thanks Colin and Drivezone Driving School Springwood.

Amelia Harding, Glenbrook


Thanks Dom and Drivezone Driving School Penrith for helping me pass firt attempt.

Tiana Werrington Downs Penrith


Thanks Colin at Drivezone Driving School for all of your help.

Brodie White Richmond


Thank you Colin for guiding me through driving lessons which ended with a passed test on the first try. Best driving lesson teacher.

Jerzy Szejgis, Richmond


It certainly helped improve all aspects of my driving. Helped get over my anxiety of driving to the point where I am very confident on the road. All thanks to Dom.

Michael,  Penrith


Had a few lessons and learnt a lot of important points, was able to pass on the first go!

Adriana Cullen, Penrith


Helped me pass my driving test. After failing once, he helped me with my fail items and allowed me to get a perfect drive on my second go. Very good driving instructor and I definitely recommend.

Jesse Van Den Broek, Penrith


Highly recommend!! Very knowledgeable instructors and passed first go!!
Thankyou so much :)))

Nina Ho, Faulconbridge


Great driving instructor. Dom helped out a lot; would highly recommend!

Michael Collins, Kingswood


Such an amazing driving school! If it wasn’t for Ami I would’ve struggled a lot! I’ve learnt so much that will help me to be a safer and better driver. I just passed today!

Chloe Salinas, Penrith


I passed my P’s test first go! Colin helped me so much. I could not have done it without him! He was able to identify all the areas I needed to improve on and gave me wonderful guidance. I was a very nervous driver and Colin was very supportive and understanding!

Arianne Lockhart, Lapstone


Really friendly staff; instructor explained every question I had without a problem and helped me understand everything I needed to pass my test for the first time and also stay safe on the roads. Definitely recommend these guys!

William Yokhana, Penrith

Could not be happier with this service! Ami is such a great instructor and thanks to her I passed my driving test upon the first go! 10/10!

Kodee Thomas, Glenmore Park Penrith


I could not have passed my test on the first try without Ami, she is an incredible instructor and is extremely patient when you are first learning, walking you through every step and explaining everything clearly. Highly recommend!

Brooke Renee, Emu Plains Penrith

The instructor Dom was excellent. Explained all the rules really well. Was feeling very confident after a few lessons and was able to pass my test in 1st attempt. Highly recommend!

Avi Dutt, Penrith

Five Stars! Thank you Ami from Drivezone!

Holly, Cranebrook Penrith

Couldn’t be happier, great instructor passed first time.

Harrison, Springwood


I learnt so much with Drivezone. If it wasn’t for Colin I wouldn’t have passed. Highly recommend!

Max Grooms, Richmond


Colin was great; he helped me with just a few lesson and a low chance of passing to passing first try!

Josh Arnold, Richmond


Colin is a great teacher; helped me pass first time!

Ella Leslie, Richmond


Colin was a excellent teacher. He put up with me making stupid mistakes and waiting forever at junctions. He was really patient and great to learn under. I’d recommend him to anyone about to start learning.

Zack Stewart


Helped me so much with my confidence after months of not driving, can’t suggest Dom and Drivezone enough!

Rhiannon Moore, Emu Plains

Dom and Drive Zone helped my get over my driving anxiety and helped me to gain enough confidence to pass my driving test! If it wasn’t for Drive Zone and Dom I wouldn’t have my Ps!!!

Adelaide Desmond, Penrith

Had driving lessons with Dom and passed first go; extremely happy with the driving instruction and driving school! Would highly recommend Dom and Drivezone Driving School!

Daniel McNaught, Cranebrook Penrith

Definitely recommend drive zone Penrith! Dom was a fantastic instructor, his feedback was always very honest with what I needed to improve and it was super helpful. I passed my p’s test on the first go thanks to his help!!!

 Kyah McGauley, South Penrith

Laurie was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I was an older learner driver with a lot of anxiety about driving and Laurie helped me overcome my fears and ultimately helped me become a fantastic driver and pass my test! Could not have done it without Laurie and Drivezone! Thanks again for everything!

Jessica, Mt Riverview

Ami was incredible from start to finish. Extremely patient while willing to correct me when I was doing wrong. She was great at helping me wrap my head around what to do behind the wheel to keep myself and others around me safe especially while just starting out. I couldn’t recommend her more. Fantastic service!

Alyshia Denten, South Penrith

They are good instructors. I had lessons with Dominic, and it was great; I learned a lot. I passed on the first go.

Melissa Willow, Penrith

Thanks to Dom for helping me get my Ps first go!

Caitlin Stevens, Glenmore Park

My daughter Anna went through Drivezone Driving School and had Ami as her instructor and she passed fist go! Ami helped her build her confidence when she first got her L’s to preparing her for her P test! Thank you!

Mel Costello, Cranebrook

Very happy with my instructor Dom at Drivezone; I highly recommend.

Daniel, Penrith

Laurent was incredible since my first driving lesson! He was very patient with me and I learned a lot from him. Thank you for everything Laurent! Definitely recommend Drive Zone Driving School!

Lexi Zerna, Penrith

Passed my driving test today with assistance from Laurie. Highly recommend him as an instructor and drive zone as a driving school.

Daniel S, Werrington

Thank you Dom for all you lessons. Still can’t believe I passed first go. Would highly recommend Drivezone for lessons.

Jessica Butt, Penrith

Hi my name is Ben. I had a driving test recently with Dominic; excellent person and I passed the test at first go! I am so happy with my instructor! very recommended!

Benny, Penrith

Amazing experience! With only having 5 lessons and not being too confident prior, Dominic enhanced all of my skills and taught me so many new things. Couldn’t have done it without Drivezone!

Imogen Taylor, Leonay

Colin’s instruction enabled me to pass on my first attempt with confidence. He is absolutely amazing in what he does and makes it very enjoyable!

Emily Attard, Richmond

Did driving lessons with this company, great tips and would recommend!!

Kaylee Avery, Glenmore Park

Amazing place to go!! I got my Ps on the first go!

Brooke Robson, Glenmore Park

An amazing group! Laurie was amazing! I passed my test 100% and couldn’t of done it with out him!

Tanya Jade, Penrith

Drivezone Penrith are amazing and the reason I have my P’s today. I had Ami as an instructor and she is so patient, helpful and easy to talk to and ask questions. Would recommend to anyone that is learning to drive and hoping to go to their P plates. Thank you so much! 🙂

Gemma Will, Penrith

Thorough and patient until you get it ! Thank you Dom and Drivezone Driving School! 

Chinenye Okeke, Penrith

Got my license first go! Thank you so much for the lessons and the knowledge! Learnt so much and I am one happy customer! Highly recommend Dom and Drivezone Driving School Penrith! Thanks guys!

Ruth Apelu, Penrith

I was taught by Dom, who was a fantastic teacher, always remembered what I wasn’t good at and made sure that I learnt and improved on them until I could never forget them, gives great detail on every single road rule and always gave me verbal questions about road rules etc. For me to answer to ensure I knew them. For someone who knew almost nothing about being on the road to getting my licence on the first attempt I couldn’t have asked for a more firm but nice driving instructor. I would recommend this driving school to anyone who is nervous getting onto the road or scared to drive in general. Thank you Drivezone Driving School!

Mason Jones, Penrith

Excellent instructors! Very patient and knowledgeable. Totally worth the money for lessons!

Crystal Russell, Penrith

I highly recommend Drivezone Driving School and Dom! I just passed first try! Thank you so much Dom and Drivezone Driving School! They are so professional!

Medi Jan, Springwood


I would 100 % recommend Dom and Drivezone Driving School! I passed my licence first time and learnt so much! I couldn’t have done it otherwise!

Sinead Winn, Springwood

Colin was a great and informative instructor! Highly recommend Colin and Drivezone Driving School!

Anghus Adams, Springwood

Just wanted to thank you very much for the time Colin spent giving me the confidence to drive safely and well. Today I passed my Ps on my first attempt! Thanks again!

Daniel Cheung, Springwood

Very professional and patient teaching for a manual car!

Jacqueline McIntyre, Penrith

Drivezone driving school was so, so helpful.

Tahlia Kingcott, Windsor

Highly recommend this driving school; only had a couple of days to fix up my driving and passed first go. Very nice and will help you fix up your mistakes.

Tayle Lee, Cambridge Park


THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING DRIVING SCHOOL EVER!! Dom was absolutely fantastic, from the first lesson all the way to the very last! I couldn’t reccomend Dom more. I PASSED IN MY FIRST GO ! Goes to show he is an amzing teacher. Thankyou so much for everything ????????

Kim Taylor, Emu Plains


Drivezone is a fantastic driving school with friendly staff who always made me feel relaxed and comfortable before, during and after each lesson. I definitely recommend Drivezone for Learners who are anxious or easily distracted when overwhelmed as the staff are very relaxed and understanding.

Kayla Hughes, South Penrith


Had an amazing experience I would recommended this to everyone got my P’s the first time. Ami was the best instructor I ever had, she had patience teaching me which made me comfortable and allowed me to learn properly.

Manreet Gill, Glenmore Park


Laurie got both my brother and I through the red p’s driving test. Very happy! Thanks Laurie and Drivezone!

Emma Simon, Valley Heights


Great service, friendly instructors!

Bailey Stubbs, Emu Heights


Had a few lessons with Dominic; he helped me get through the test and I passed with 100%!

Robert Baldwin, Penrith


Drivezone is a excellent driving school: passed on my first try!

Aldren Poliquit, Penrith


Thanks to Laurie, I passed my test on the first try. Laurie was patient and very knowledgeable. 5 stars!

Stacey, South Penrith


Laurie helped me lots with my technique and driving and I am thrilled that I passed first go!  Wouldn’t of been able to do it without the lessons I received! 10/10 would; recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor!

Natasha Jackman, Springwood


Thanks to Dom for all his patience with all of the driving lessons and then finally passing the test! Everything is explained and you are given the confidence and knowledge to succeed and pass! Beyond grateful!

Renita Best, Glenmore Park


I had a great time having my driving lesson with Laurie! Great teaching and he has a lot of patience all throughout my course! Thank you Laurie!

Lucy Holdsworth, Werrington


Fantastic experience! Instructor Laurie was fantastic, friendly and very clear; highly recommend Drivezone!

Matty P, Penrith


Fantastic driving school! My daughter was very lucky to have Colin as her instructor and she passed on her first test on her 17th birthday! Thank you Colin! He worked really hard to prepare her for her test and taught her all the things I couldn’t!

Andrina White and Casey Watts, Glenmore Park


Five Star Service! Thanks Drivezone!

Kathleen Cairney, Penrith


I used Drivezone for classes to get familiar with the driving rules in Australia before my test. Being an overseas license holder I was a bit anxious. Dominic the instructor was an excellent teacher, cleared all my questions and helped me past in my first attempt!

Ajay Issacs, Penrith


I never thought I’d get my licence! Thank you so much Dom for teaching me to be a confident and safe driver! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Lauren Mills, Kingswood


Just done converting my overseas license to unrestricted one. I had hours of driving lessons with Dom. Best instructor you will have in Penrith and Richmond area!

Richard Gallao, Glenmore Park


Dom was a great instructor and helped me get my Ps first go. Highly recommend!

Jade, Springwood


Passed first time! Thank you to Laurent who was a fantastic instructor. I went into the test knowing I was fully prepared because of my driving lessons, and I am someone who never thought I would get my license!

Carly, Windsor


Awesome experience with Drivezone Penrith; I would recommend it 100% to anyone who is in need of an instructor. Great lessons!

Kim Vaerua, Campbridge Park


Colin was a great driving instructor. I had many lessons with him and for every lesson he was honest and taught me so much. I passed first go! I cannot thank him enough for being a great instructor!

Isabella Reynolds, South Penrith


Great driving school: helped me so much and passed first go highly recommended!

Scott Pearce, Penrith


Thanks to Ami, who was very patient with me and taught me really well and I was able to pass my driving test!

Jelene Go, Glenmore Park


Laurie was a Great Instructor: learnt a lot from him and passed first time!

Gabriel Papas, St Marys


Had a great experience with Laurie and couldn’t have done it without his help and tips: thanks for all your help!

Luke Desira, BlighPark


Laurie was an amazing instructor! Passed my test first try with 100%! Highly recommend!

Lottie Bowley, Springwood


Colin was a great, honest instructor – made sure I was ready to take my test!

Tavia Seet, Glenbrook


I went with Laurie, passed first go. 100% recommend. Good price and excellent teaching. Thanks!

Nikita Lange, Penrith


From having zero confidence and no real idea, Ami made driving easy to understand and gave me the confidence to successfully get my Ps first go. Thank you Ami!! 🙂

Aimee Stoddart, Penrith


Thanks to Colin I passed!

Jayda Weightman, Glenmore Park


I got my Ps! Yay!!! I can’t believe it myself. I had so much road fear and I couldn’t make up my mind to learn driving for all these years. And when I made up mind, I am sure I made the best choice taking up classes from DRIVE ZONE. Dom is such a great instructor, he made me comfortable to drive with no fear and made my life so much easier. Thanks Dom! Feels great and proud passing the test. All credits to Dom.

Shipla Srinivasarih, Cambridge Park


Drivezone Penrith is a great driving school. Ami was a fantastic instructor and helped me pass my test first go. Highly recommended!

Cooper Jackson, Glenbrook


Went to a few schools and instructors but didn’t have as much success until I went with Colin at Drivezone. Very knowledgeable and patient: would definitely recommend!

Trent Christianson, Penrith


Awesome experience with Laurie! I passed thanks to his excellent teaching. Five stars!

Madalene Alouan, Penrith


Laurent was a 5 star driving instructor and Drivezone a 5 star Driving School!

Courtney Reilly, Emu Plains


I passed my test! So happy! Thanks Laurent and Drivezone!

David Swaddell, South Windsor


Got my license because of the help of my driving instructor Laurent! Very helpful and kind!

Zoe Dixon, Jamisontown


My experience wat Drivezone was great. My driving instructor Colin was a great teacher and I would highly recommend him and this company!

Sara Swadling, Colyton


Very good driving school, highly recommend Dom: he was very patient and helped me get 100% on my first test!

Travis Thompson, Jamisontown


Professional driving instructors for Penrith then Drivezone is the place for you! Passed with 100% first time with Dominic!

Tyla Thompson-Smith, Penrith


Thanks Colin and Drivezone!

Caitlin Galdes, Richmond


Thanks Laurent for making sure I passed!

Daniel Stafidas, Penrith


Best people for the best results! Ask for Laurent; he will take care of you! Got my Ps first try with his help!

William McGregor, Kingswood


Great instructor: his name was Laurie. Taught me everything I needed to pass the test, which I did. Great price and I appreciate it so much!

Joseph Loxley, Faulconbridge


Had some driving lessons with Dom from Drivezone. I passed first try and would highly recommend Dom and Drivezone to any Learners about to go for their P’s test!

Zackery Farley, Valley Heights


5 Star Service! Thanks Colin and Drivezone!

Laura Butcher, Richmond


I am so happy I passed! Thanks Laurent for your help and patience!

Emily Mills, Penrith


Thanks you Laurie for helping me pass!

Nadia Suwan, Londonderry


Colin was a great teacher and I passed after 10 years on my Ls!

Nishant Datt, Springwood


Just got my licence with Dominic from Drivezone Driving School! Fantastic instructor! So patient and understanding of my situation! Would highly recommend Dominic and Drivezone!

Chris Gibbs, Penrith


Thanks Colin and Drivezone!

Ashton Case, Richmond


Thank you Laurie for your support and encouragement! Thank you Drivezone!

Ariann Aguilar, Springwood


Thanks Colin! So happy to get my Ps today!

Kyle Hilli, Penrith


Finally passed my Ps test thanks to Colin!! I would recommend Colin and Drivezone to all drivers going for their manual Ps! Best instructor!!!!!

Jordan Stallard, Richmond


Did lessons with Colin from Drivezone and passed first time! Amazing!

Lachlan Elliott, Faulconbridge


Colin was always patient and happy to help me with my driving and I passed my Ps today!

Chloee Anderson, Tregear


Colin from Drivezone Driving School was awesome! He helped me pass my Ps Test! Couldn’t of done it without him!

Corey Hughes, Werrington


Colin made sure I was prepared for my test and helped me pass today! Thanks Colin and Drivezone!

Kyle Michaleff, Richmond


Just got my Ps! Thank you Colin!

Tyson Woodhouse, Cranebrook


I would highly recommend Laurie from Drivezone! Thanks for being such a great teacher!

Max Peters, Springwood


Thank you Colin for all of your lessons!

Cameron Woodhouse, Cranebrook


Thank you Laurie! Got my Ps! So happy!

Sarah Jann, Penrith


Laurie is a top bloke. He’s really easy to talk to and gave me lots of great advice that helped me pass my test. Would highly recommend driving with Laurie from Drivezone!

Andrew Simmons, Springwood


Thanks for all your help and support Laurie and Drivezone!

Justin Connolly, Richmond


Passed my Ps test with Colin from Drivezone Driving School! Thank you for everything!

Rebecca Wrigley, St Marys


I passed my test! Thank you for all your lessons, Paul! They really did help a lot!

Amy Farebrother, Katoomba


I got my P’s! Thanks very much for your help!

Sophie Villar, Leura


Got my ps the first go round!!!!!! Amazing!!!!! Thanks Dom!!!

Laura Zarcezynski, Winmalee


Highly recommend Laurent! Thank you so much for your patience and kindness. I got my license and what a blessings!

Annabella Rivero, St Marys


Would highly recommend Dom. He is very friendly, patient informative and a skilled driver. This experience was transformed from a stressful one to a fun and enjoyable experience. Anyone looking for a great school to learn to drive look no further! Thanks again Dom!

Toby Willett, Richmond


Ciaren Winmalee

Drivezone helped me get my Ps first time! My instructor Laurent was very friendly and told me the ins and outs of how to drive safely. I would recommend Drive Zone to any learner wanting to pass first time!

Ciaren O’Donaghue, Winmalee


Bitcom Jipp Laurie Penrith

Laurie was a good instructor! Thanks for the training!

Bikram Randhawa, Penrith


Noah Ricci Mt Riverview Colin

Thanks Colin from Drivezone for helping me get my Ps! Your Lessons were great!

Noah Ricci, Mount Riverview


shane moffact south penrith driving

Thank you Laurie and Drivezone Driving School! I got my license today!

Shane Moffat, South Penrith


Got my Ps today with Colin from Drivezone! Thank you for helping me get my Ps!

Logan Astill, St Marys


Driving school testimonial Katoomba

Thank you Dom and Drivezone. After going on my test by myself without lessons and failing six times I had 1 lesson with Dom from Drivezone and passed straight away! This has made my life so much easier!

Koko Ariyagan, Katoomba


So excited I got my Ps! Thanks Colin for your patience and help!

Max Hedley, Springwood


Driving school testimonial Wentworth Falls

Happy I earned my licence! Was a great help to have someone who corrected me straight away on any mistakes made during my lessons so I could pass my test successfully!

Nadia White, Wentworth Falls


Driving school testimonial Glenmore Park

Drivezone’s instructor Paul’s lessons were filled with knowledgeable things I needed to know and how to act in different scenarios. He was always on punctual and took the time to talk me through what I needed to do. Knowing I was an over 25 driver, he wasted no time in getting rid of my bad habits and replacing them with good ones in a formal yet amusing way. In less than 2 months I was able to get my Ps and make my life easy! Big big thanks and best wishes from me to you!

Kristie Van Der Rol, Penrith


Driving school testimonial Glenmore Park

Having come from Melbourne, I was rusty on the NSW rules and regulations. However with the help of Dom and Drivezone Driving School I was able to pass my test with a breeze! Thank you!

Molly Whittaker, Lapstone


Driving school testimonial Glenmore Park

I passed my test first go with the help of Dom! He prepared me for the test and taught me everything I needed to know. I would recommend Dom and Drivezone to everyone that is learning to drive!

Georgia Castle, Blaxland


Driving school testimonial Glenmore Park

Dominic was very helpful with teaching me to drive. He was calm, very straight forward and honest with me about all the things I needed to work on. He was very thorough with everything. Thanks!

Lyndal Blacklock, Glenmore Park


Driving school testimonial Springwood Blue Mountains

“Woohoo! Just got my Ps on my first test! Big thanks to Paul my driving instructor and Drivezone Driving School!”

Phillip Bates, Springwood Blue Mountains


Driving school Springwood Blue Mountains

“Dominic is a very well experienced driving instructor. He is a home in his profession. I got through my driving test in my first attempt! If you have an overseas licence please have professional lessons with Drivezone Driving School as the driving test is more difficult in Australia.”

Mohammed Younas, Springwood Blue Mountains


Driving school testimonial, Blaxland

Best Driving School! Passed first time thanks to Dominic and Lynne!

Laughlan James, Blaxland Blue Mountains


Niporrada Brennen, Werrington

Helped me so much with all of my head checks and my Drivezone Driving Instructor Dom was great!

Liana Campbell, Springwood NSW


 Drivezone Driving Testimonial

“Thanks Paul my Drivezone Driving Instructor and thank you to Drivezone Driving School for all the help and support”

-Dane Gorkic, Faulconbridge Blue Mountains


Niporrada Brennen, Werrington

Dominic is the best driving instructor in town! I passed my driving test first go! Thanks Dominic and Drivezone Driving School!

Niporrada Brennen, Werrington



I passed first time with Drivezone. my Driving instructor, Dom, was patient, on time and always able to answer any questions I asked and helped me reach my full driving potential.

Tara Lewin



Office staff were always polite and helpful. Learning Drivezone made me become a safe and confident driver. I would recommend them to all my friends.

Brian Innes



Dom was always punctual and friendly, and taught me things my parents were unable to, ultimately helping me pass my test first go. The car was also easy to drive and always clean.

Nicole Manley



I enjoyed my driving lessons with Drivezone. Every lesson I learnt something new.

Angel Bennett, Jamistown Penrith



I had 3 lessons with Dominic and passed on the first go. Although I’ve been driving for a while, Dominic was able to point out all the unconscious mistakes I was making that could have prevented me from getting my licence. He was very knowledgeable and patient. Thank you Dominic for helping me pass my test.

Kimberly, Penrith



Did lessons with Dom, great teacher and past first go!

Zach Blanke, Penrith



I passed my driving test sith Dominic from druvezone driving school and would highly recommended him.

Ifran, Penrith


Drivezone was absolutely the best in helping me refresh for my ps test. Ami was very compassionate and even helped me with a few things I didn’t even know to do in my test. 5/5 stars.


Kittie, Penrith



Dominic was brilliant with my son. He was able to familiarise him with the Penrith area (we came from 45km away as we couldn’t find an available testing area close to us due to Covid backlog) and his teaching style really resonated with my son and gave him the confidence to perform well. Would highly recommend.

Eleni, Penrith



Maddy passed her driving test today at Penrith RMS with her Drivezone Driving School Instructor Ami! Well done Maddy! Maddy also had this to say about her Drivezone Driving School experience: “I passed! Thank you for all your help with my driving I wouldn’t of been able to pass without you ?

Maddy, Penrith




Thank you so much for being an amazing instructor, Ami, wouldn’t have done it without you!!!

Emily, Jamisontown, Penrith




Awesome driving instructor, passed first go. Highly recommend Dominic!

Luke Schultz, Penrith


Good driving instructor very professional and helped me pass and get my ps! Thank you Dominic!

Mitchell Mott, Penrith

Great lessons that I lead to a pass on my first try; my teacher Dom is rigorous with every rules to ensure you are driving to the best of your abilities; I would recommend 100%!

Lachlan Wearne, Penrith


Exceptional, excellent experience with Dominic! He was very helpful and an easy going type of bloke! Enjoyed my lessons with him!

Emily Langereis, Penrith


Colin made sure was comfortable and confident and I passed with flying colours first try! 100% recommend them to everyone; I couldn’t be happier!

Kylie Brook, Penrith

Colin from DriveZone was the best! He was not only patient but very caring and friendly. Teaching method was simple and easy. Very knowledgeable. Felt like a friend I’d known for years. Thankyou Colin and DriveZone.

Lachlan West, Richmond

Hi Ami, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test ???? Thank you so much for all of the lessons and for being so kind and patient, I wouldn’t have been able to pass this test without you!

Mariama Emu Plains, Penrith

I had no issues passing my test thanks to Colin and DriveZone. Colin was polite, calm, patient, supporting and very informative during his lessons which was what I was after. I’d highly recommend DriveZone and Colin to anyone learning manual.

Kiana Edwards Jamisontown, Penrith


Very satisfied with the level of detail taken with each lesson, the instructors ensure that you know one concept before moving onto another.

Jayden Isia, Werrington Penrith

Thank you so much for your help yesterday, I passed my test today! Ami was an amazing instructor. She is very knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable about driving and helped me pass my test! I will definitely be recommending Ami and Drivezone Driving School Penrith!

Rhiannon White, Penrith

Dom was very detailed and taught me all the important things to pass my exam. He was patient in correcting all my mistakes and bad habits. Would definitely recommend!


Min, Penrith

I passed my driving test in first attempt. Glad to get training from Dominic. He is the best and always honest in his feedback. He simply knows his business and one can trust him 100% on his lessons and practice tests that he imparts for your needs. ?

Vivek, Penrith


Laurie has been my driving instructor for the past year. I have found him to be easy-going, knowledgeable and supportive. I passed my driving test on the first attempt and I couldn’t have done it without his guidance. Would definitely recommend.

Jodie Feeney, Penrith

Laurent was an awesome instructor and Drivezone Penrith an awesome driving school; helped me get my p’ s first go.

Will Franks, Penrith

I passed my test today and I just wanted to say a big thank you to Colin and Drivezone Driving School for all the help!

Lily, Springwood

Thanks Dom. Just received my full Drivers license today. I want to thank you for your great support and guidance. I was raw when I started. Thanks for your great support.

Titus Koshy, Penrith

I passed and got a perfect score! Thanks so much for all your help Ami!

Jessie Heath, Penrith

Best driving school; Dom was extremely helpful and I learnt so much! Passed my P’s first go!!!

Georgia Binnion, Springwood

I passed with a great score! Thanks for your assistance and guidance for this test Colin and Drivezone!

Joshua Banos, Richmond

Cheers Dom for your excellent instruction! Mature driver passed first go! Thanks again!

Kane Baltetsch, Lawson

Couldn’t be happier with the end result of passing the first time! I felt very prepared going into the exam

Abbey Travern, Hazelbrook

Great preparation for the driving test! Dominic and Drivezone helped me pass first go! Would highly recommend them!

 Floyd Kenner, Katoomba

Thanks to Paul I passed my test first go! Paul was really patient and made everything easy to understand. He also let me use his car for the test! Without him I am sure I would have failed!

 Patrick Wrobel, Katoomba

Learning how to drive when you are a bit older and have been traumatised by a past experience where my family was in a terrible accident can be quite challenging, frustrating and extremely stressfull but thank you so much Dominic for being such a wonderful instructor!

I believe it can’t have been easy to teach me with all of my fears and then being failed a few times in the past just added stress when I was on a lesson and it could have been easy to lose confidence but Dominic was there to support me and here I am finally with my license! All the fears and tears when I started driving have all paid off! Thank you again Dominic!

 Frida Kelly, Wentworth Falls

Dom’s lesson were great and I passed first go! Highly recommended to go to Dom and Drivezone!

Dwayne O’Carrol, Katoomba

It is never too late to get your license! Thanks to Dom and his outstanding teaching and wealth of experience, I now finaly have my license at 40!

Danella Cooper, Faulconbridge

Drivezone helped me enormously when it came to taking the steps to get my Ps. The lessons allowed me to feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel and I was able to notice my progression each week! Thanks a lot Dom!

 Alice Norton, Leura

Thank you for your assistance during my lessons! It really helped! Thanks once again Paul!

 Samual Wilson, Katoomba

I passed my Ps today! Thanks for all your help Paul and Drivezone!

Hamish Davidson, Wentworth Falls

Highly recommend! Instructors are patient and friendly and I had a great experience!

 Julie Lao, Lawson

Brilliant teacher! Great advice! Easy going! Got my Ps in a matter of weeks!

Jessica Crawford, Katoomba

I passed my driving test with only doing one lesson with Paul and I passed first go! The little tips that I didn’t know before stuck with me immediately and I just want to say a big thank you to say a big thank you to Paul! Thanks!

 Alex Carter, Katoomba

Great instructor! Taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test first go!

Joseph Storey, Katoomba

Thanks Dom for everything! You are fab and I couldn’t have done it without you! You are the best! I got my Ps first go too!

Isabelle Hewitt, Lawson

It was great being able to get my P1 drivers license and I thank Dominic for his continued support in helping me pass!

Jessica Limn, Springwood

Thank you Dom for your guidance and knowledge and helping me to achieve my Ps!!!

Emma Jeffries, Springwood

Amazing experience! Great value for money! Dom is very good at finding your problem areas and helping you resolve them to achieve 110%

Alex Robertson, Katoomba

I passed my driving test today and got a perfect score! Thank you so much once again for all your help Paul and Drivezone!

Caitlin Gooch, Penrith

Before my lessons I was very unsure about the test. In one months time I was easily able to pass the test on the first go!

Connor Illis, Blackheath

Dom my instructor was very clear with instructions and was extremely helpful in preparing me for my test! Great lessons! 10/10!

Kira McNamarra, Lawson

Excellent service, cheap and reliable! Paul is a champ! Thank you Drivezone!

Matthew Vaughan, Katoomba

Excellent service. My instructor, Dom, was always calm and patient. I received my license first go. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for lessons.

Madelin Fulcher, Katoomba

Awesome teacher! Every lesson helped, passed with 100% first go! Would recommend them to anyone on their learners! Thanks Dom and Drivezone!

Dane Kennedy, Faulconbridge

Has 3 lessons with Dom from Drivezone and passed my test first go and got 100%! Would recomment Drivezone to anyone wanting great lessons and to pass first time!

Jai Ferguson, Springwood

Passed first go with Drivezone and my driving instructor Dom! Highly recommended!

Ashlee Harwood-Cole, Katoomba

Very good overall experience that helped me gain enough confidence and the necessary skils to blitz my test!!! Would recommend to all beginners!!!

Christian Goodwin, Katoomba

I passed my driving test and want to thank Chris for his help! It helped me big time!

Jyron Callerja, Penrith

I passed my test! Thank you Dom!

Melanie Nicholls, Katoomba

I had a great time with Drivezone! All the staff were very helful – both admin and my instructor Dom! Contstantly providing me feedback and helful tips to help me get over the line! I would highly recommend their team to anyone wanting to take lessons!

Sam Bloodsworth, Wentworth Falls

The lessons I had were great! Extremely beneficial and as a result I now have passed my Ps!

Ned Pearson-Bourke, Katoomba

Thanks to Dom for being an awesome instructor! He was so helpful and patient and helped me get my Ps first go! Thank you Dom and Drivezone!

Alina Hodgetts, Katoomba

I passed my test yesterday yaaay and I got all my head checks right! Thank you for helping Paul and Drivezone!

Jessica Harris, Springwood

Thanks Drivezone! Passed on my first attempt! My instructor Dom was very patient with me and got me up to the standards despite my many doubts! Thanks!

Kirra-Leigh Josey, Springwood

Very good and thorough instruction! Thanks Dom and Drivezone!

Ben Graham, Hazelbrook

After four failed attempts at getting my Ps and having done eleven lessson with another company, I had one lesson through Drivezone and passed on my next test as the instructor pointed out what my previous instructor failed to teach me terms of observations checks. I went from missing 3 – 5 head checks in my previous attempts I missed 0 after my lesson with Chris! Would highly recommend Drivezone from my experience with them!

Kelly Louis, Richmond

Taking lessons with Dom and Drivezone were really beneficial to me! If I never took the lessons I would have definitely failed!

Charney Chalice, Springwood

Dom was very helpful in teaching me all the little things to pass the test!

Luke Rutley, Springwood

I passed my P’s test because of Drivezone! My driving instructor Paul helped me achieve my goal of getting my manual license. I can now drive both automatic and manual with confidence. I looked forward to my lessons and gained the skill and motivation to pass. I highly recommend Drivezone to anyone wanting to improve their driving skills!

Laura Rowlands, Leura

My name is Scott and I am 47. I had lessons with Paul from the Blue Mountains. Great Instructor! I learnt all I needed to know for my driving test and passed first time with a perfect score! After 15 years I am now mobile again! Thank you Drivezone!

Scott Weir, Lawson

Dominic did a fantastic job with my son. My son had the wrong attitude and Dominic noticed the danger and quickly corrected the situation. Not only did my son totally change his attitude he has become a very good defensive driver. He also passed first go. Do yourself a favour and use Drivezone to teach your child, they do a great job.

Trevor Marshall, Emu Heights

I have just come back from my second lesson with John & would like to pass on feedback & my appreciation for how great my lessons have been so far. As I indicated in my initial enquiry I had a few lessons with another school and found the experience to be less than desirable. John however was professional, helpful & very informative. He explains scenarios & rules in a manner that is easy to understand & that makes commonsense. He went out of his way to determine how I learn whether by verbal instruction, physically doing the maneuvers or both. He did this in a constructive & positive manner, making me feel completely at ease. He talks to me rather that at me & I have found I can follow his instruction much better & have a positive result. Once again, thank you for such a fantastic service. I look forward to passing my test in a few weeks & know I will feel comfortable getting behind the wheel again.

Marie White, St Clair

Bloody great! Got my P’s first go with Greg’s help. Down to earth, helpful, great driving school. I would recommend them to everyone.

Alex Marson, South Penrith

I have gotten my provisional license with John on my first try. As a previous driver he was able to gauge my ability and tailor my driving lessons to improve my week points. No pressure and communicates very well. I was able to get a perfect score on my driving test thanks to John and Drivezone Driving School.

Troy Grey, Emu Plains

I just wanted to say a huge thank you again, I just did my test and passed!! I am so happy and really wanted to thank you all again, John is an amazing instructor and he did a great job helping me with my weak points and encouraging me to do my nemesis technique, “reverse parking”. He made it enjoyable every lesson and I always walked away from each lesson feeling that I was improving and positive, not an easy task!! I will definitely be encouraging everyone I know that needs to learn to drive to get in contact with Drivezone and am so thankful!!!

Marie White, St Clair

Just want to say thank you guys for my driving lessons with John. I am so happy to get my license. God bless you. You are all nice people.

Cecile Musengayine, Penrith

I just went on my test with Drivezone and passed and just wanted to say that Greg is a very good teacher and has a lot of knowledge. I am very happy. Thank you!

Kataryna Durnowska, Cambridge Park

Can’t thank Greg enough! Only with 2 months of lessons with him and I was able to pass the test first go. Without him I would have failed and would most probably still be on my L’s. I’ve had my P’s for 3 months now and what a great 3 months it has been! Thank you so much!

De-Anne, Oxley Park

I had a previous instructor with another school who put me through two tests way too quickly, giving me false confidence and no real skills. John, on the other hand, gave me a fantastic range of road-knowledge and practical skills, as well as real skill-based confidence. Drivezone were always helpful and professional, and John is an exceptional instructor.

My Drivezone first instructor, Michael, did not complete the process with me from Ls to Ps, as he became an RTA examiner, however got me off to great start and with Michael I reaslised just how bad my previous instructor (not a Drivezone trainer) had been. When Michael left John became my instructor. I can honestly say that John was instrumental in my recent successful test result on 20th December 2013. His expertise is exceptional, but his patience and dogged adherence to the minutiae of road rule is what has made me a better & safer driver. On the morning of my test I was stressed with work and other issues. It was close to Christmas and I had recently failed the test a second time, so was very discouraged and defeated. John not only gave me confidence but gave me the skills I needed to be successful on that occasion. He delivered an exceptional experience 10/10.

Thanks Drivezone. Excellent service and very reasonable prices.

Heather Savage, Penrith

I passed my test on my first try in December (2013) last year, and would not have been able to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to do so if it weren’t for my wonderful instructor John! I can’t thank him enough for being patient with me and making me feel reassured enough to go for my test. He is full of extreme knowledge and experienced. Thank you so much John for helping me earn my freedom!

Eden Trevitt, Penrith

I cannot describe how grateful I am to have had John as my driving instructor!

He was always patient and calm, explaining everything in detail and correcting the mistakes from a previous driving school.

I passed my test on Friday 21 February 2014 first go!

Thank you so much John for teaching me how to drive safely and with confidence!

Bistra, Blaxland Blue Mountains

I passed my first driving test with a 98% pass rate and in a manual. I was so comfortable with Dominic my instructor and always felt I was in good hands. I would recommend DRIVEZONE to anyone. Give them a go; you won’t be disappointed!

Jordan Deriu, Glenbrook

I passed my first driving test today (Wednesday 30/04/14) and I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to Drivezone Driving School and most especially to my amazing driving instructor, John.

I looked forward to every single lesson that I had with John because he is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel very much at ease and safe on the road.

I would definitely recommend Drivezone Driving School to anyone. Thanks again so much to John for everything you have taught me. I wish you all the best!

Abigail Ajes, Quakers Hill

I’d like to say a thank you to Drivezone and an even bigger THANK YOU! to my instructor Dominic.

He helped me pass my P’s test first go and kept me calm and confident on the big day. I have no idea how I would have passed without his help.

THANK YOU again!!!

Jessica Simmons, Silverdale

Thank you to the people at Drivezone Driving School for getting me where I am at now. Just passed my driving test. If it wasn’t for Drivezone Driving School and my driving instructor Dominic I would still be in the backstreets on my Ls. It was a nervous experience but I am thankful for how far I have come with the help of Drivezone Driving School and my Driveone driving instructor Dominic!

Rhiannon Moore, Emu Plains

Great Driving School! I always enjoyed my lessons. Dominic my driving instructor was always very supportive especially as I was learning in a manual and helped me pass my test first time!!!

Dennis Daley, Cranebrook

Thank you for teaching me to drive! Special thanks to Dom, the best driving instructor there is!!!

Luke Hammond, Blaxland

I had Drivezone as my driving school and passed my Ps test first go with my driving instructor Dominic! I am so happy!

Emily Alderson, Leonay

Thank you Dominic for teaching our son Luke Hammond over the past few months. We were so pleased that Luke successfully passed his test this week and appreciate the great work Dominic did to prepare to Luke to be a safe driver!

Elizabeth and Paul Hammond, Blaxland

Thanks to Drivezone Driving School there was no fuss passing my manual P’s test! Dominic was a great instructor who can teach even the worst drivers (myself) how to handle busy city roads! Got my P’s today first go!

Joel Wall, Campbridge Park

I had 10 lessons with Drivezone Driving School and passed my test first go. Dominic was my driving instructor and I found him to be very helpful and patient with me. I would highly recommend Drvezone Driving School!

Lachlan Kerr, Penrith

Just got my P1 licence thanks to Drivezone Driving School!!!

Rebecca Gardner, Richmond

Drivezone Driving School was very helpful in teaching me the aspects of driving I couldn’t learn at home. The lessons were very helpful and enjoyable, allowing me to pass my Ps test! Drivezone Driving School woul be beneficial to any person who is learning drive.

Brock McLean, Penrith

Drivezone Driving School is the best driving school! I previously had held an international drivers licence not valid in Australia and my previous skills weren’t u to scratch but with all o the tips and tricks taught to me by my driving instructor Dominic I was able to pass my test with a 2 hour lesson prior to my exam. It was affordable compared to other driving schools and very importantly the car was modern! Will definitely recommend Drivezone Driving School to anyone that wants to pass!

Egli Becerra, Glenmore Park

I finally have my Ps at the age of 23! I wish I went to Drivezone Driving School earlier as I wasted time and money with an instructor from another school! My driving instructor Dominic was fantastic. I only did 2 lessons with him prior to my test and got it before passing the driving test with flying colours after putting it off for 6 years! Dominic will tell you exactly what you need to know and give you the confidence to do it! A+ service!

Emma McDade, Kingswood Western Sydney University Student Quarters

Got my P’s first time with Drvezone Driving School! Great help!

Joshua King, Emu Plains

I just wanted to say thank you again to my Drivezone driving instructor Lynne! Life is so much easier now and I cannot thank you enough! but just wanted to let you know I will always appreciate your time and patience with me and I will keep on recommending people your way. Thanks again Lynne!

Jamie-Lee Warwick, Werrington

Just went for my Ps Test and got 99% with the help of Dom and Drivezone Driving School. I would highly recommend Drivesone Driving School if you need lessons!

Taryn McCaffrey, Orchard Hills

Learning with Drivezone Driving School was a great way to learn how to drive and fix up my mistakes so I could pass my P’s test first time!

Jeremy Boyd, Penrith

Paul my driving instructor was always on time. He explained things clearly and gave me the self confidence I needed to succeed and pass my test. I would highly recommend Paul and Drivezone Driving School!

John Cannon, Wentworth Falls

Just wanted to say thank you to Lynne my driving instructor for the lessons we did together as I successfully got my Ps!

Rebecca Halford, Penrith

Awesome!!! Dominic my driving instructor was brilliant! A driving school who actually gives you hints and tips! Woooohoooo! P’s here we come!

Berni Bright, Cranebrook

I had a really good time finally learning how to drive a manual car! Paul was a really lovely instructor and he made the lessons really engaging and customised them to suit my needs. Thanks so much for your patience and humour and great tips!

Kimberly Baskin, Penrith

I passed my Ps test first go with the help of Drivezone Driving School and Dom! Thank you so much! Couldn’t be happier!

Emily Slade, Glenmore Park

Passed 1st time! Paul was a great driving instructor! I would recommend him to anyone that needs a driving instructor! He was always on time and taught me so much!

Brendan Clark, Werrington Downs

Thanks to Paul who helped me to pass successfully first time! He made driving in the car an easy and comfortable environment. He was always friendly and looking for new ways to improve my driving skills. A great experience with Drivezone Driving School and would highly recommend them to any learner driver!

Georgina Sutcliff, Penrith

The service is excellent and I don’t think I would have passed my Ps test without Dom’s help. Thank you so much!

Abbey Lawless, Glenbrook

Dominic is the best driving instructor in town! I passed my driving test first go! Thanks Dominic and Drivezone Driving School!

Niporrada Brennen, Werrington

Dom was a really good instructor. He was very thorough and made sure I knew exactly what I had to be doing on my Ps test. I was confident in my driving by the end of my lessons and passed first go!

Chantelle Sharples, Glenmore Park

Just got my Ps first go thanks to Dominic at Drivezone Driving School. Couldn’t be happier!

Jessica Weatherspoon, Penrith

Just a short note a say thank you to Michael who has been teaching my son, Liam, who passed his test today at Springwood RMS! Michael was very helpful, always turned up exactly on time and over all did a fine job! Would recommend Michael and Drivezone to anyone!

Peter Nicholas, Springwood

Hi Guys. I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic lesson I had with Shane on Monday! He taught me more in 1 hour than I’ve learnt over my whole three years of driving. After already failing my test, I am confident that Shane will help me pass next time I go! Thanks Drivezone. I look forward to me second lesson today!

Michelle Woellner, Colyton

Thanks to Shane I got my P plates first go! Shane is very understanding and patient. He explains and demonstrates everything so that you can understand! I recommend Shane for anyone who wants to pass first time!

Liam Nolan, Blacktown

Thank you to Paul and Drivezone for all the help. I would not have passed if I didn’t go through you. I have tried other driving schools and none of which taught me the right way or even explained everything to me properly and clearly for me to understand what I was doing wrong and also getting me out of my bad habits so thank you again and I will recommend Paul and Drivezone to everyone!

Alex Campbell, Penrith

Having come from Melbourne I was rusty on the NSW rules and regulations. However with the help of Dom and Drivezone Driving School I was able to pass my test with a breeze! Thank you!

Molly Whitaker, Lapstone

Drivezone is an exceptional driving school! My driving instructor Daren was nothing bu amazing in all aspects and was well spoken. I did my lessons with him and after six weeks I was ready for my test! I passed my test first go and couldn’t be more happy with my driving instructor for getting me ready for my test! I recommend this to anyone that’s going for their P’s from new people to people who just need some lessons to freshen up; this school is for you! Thanks again Daren and Drivezone!

Aron Tsekouras, Penrith

I previously had been with another driving company but changing to Drivezone and Daren was exactly what I needed to prepare for my test! Daren was an awesome driving instructor! He makes you really comfortable and was fantastic at helping me perfect all of my skills and reminding me of all the little bits and pieces, tips and tricks. Need an instructor Daren is your man! Thanks Drivezone!

Laura Deering, Glenbrook

I’ve previously been with 2 other driving schools and I honestly feel like they didn’t teach me a thing compared to the amount of learning I have done under Darren. He is patient and thorough in what he teaches. I would recommend him to everyone as i have never been with such a great instructor before. Many thanks Darren.

David Morgan, Claremont Meadows

I passed my test first time! I would highly recommend anyone and in particular mature aged learners! Paul is a fantastic instructor who adapted the lessons to suit my learning style! He is very patients and understanding, and as a 43 year old learner I thought I was never going to get a drivers license, but that was not true thanks to a very skillful teacher!

Poppi Burri, Blackheath

Thanks Drivezone for helping me pass my red Ps test first go! Recommend them and Dom to Anyone who wants to pass their test!

Hamish Elliott, Springwood

I passed my test today and got my P’s all thanks to Daren. He is an amazing instructor and made me feel completely at ease and confident behind the wheel, thank you so much! I could not recommend the instructors or this school enough!

Danielle Cook, Penrith

After being on my L’s for over 7 years, I passed my P’s first go thanks to Daren. He gave great feedback and instructions, and I especially appreciated his tips on reverse parallel parking. Would definitely recommend.

Rebecca Scully, Penrith

Today I passed my practical exam. Darren is an amazing instructor! I’m not sure I would have passed if he hadn’t  given me the tips and knowledge. Totally recommend him and Drivezone!

Mauricio Castellanos, Penrith

Dominic was an absolutely amazing instructor – I passed with him first go. Everything was made simple to understand, the procedures were easy to follow, Dominic was very reassuring and helpful and I would recommend Drivezone to everybody!

Samantha Chapman, Katoomba

Thank you so much guys, Darren is a wonderful instructor. Jeremy is so happy with him, he taught him so much even on the first day.  I would highly recommend you guys!

Carmela Trunno, Penrith

Dominic’s instruction allowed me to get my Ps first go! He is very knowledgable, demands excellence and makes sure his students dont just leave with the skills to pass the test but to be safe drivers in the future!

Hayley Wilson, Springwood

My lessons helped me so much! I learnt a lot with Dom and passed my test first go!

 Sofia Lovett, Katoomba

I would highly recomment his driving school! Dom is a great teacher and with his help I passed first go!

Samantha Tadlock, Springwood

Doing lessons with Drivezone was definitely the most beneficial step in the pathway to getting my Ps. If I had younger siblings I would straight away give them Drivezone as soon as they showed interest in driving! I would still be lacking the confidence and not even know the right side of the road if it wasn’t for Dom and Drivezone!

Michael Harriden, Blaxland

Excellent! Really great lesson plans! Dom is a very calm driving instructor and has a very encouraging manner about him. Highly recommend Dom and Drivezone!

Emma Lawler, Leura

Dominic and Drivezone Driving School showed me all of the tips and tricks for passing the test! I couldn’t have done it without them!

 Amanda Forbes, Springwood

I passed my Ps test! Paul’s lessons were very valuable and helped me sooo much! Thank you!!!

 Anita Draskovic, Springwood

Thank you Dom for being patient and understanding!

 Carmen Bowman, Springwood

I passed today! Thank you so much Paul!

 Ian Raby, Katoomba

Passed my Ps test today! Sweeeet! Thanks Dom and Drivezone!

Lorenz Rittel, Blackheath

I got my Ps! Thank you for helping me get them! My Drivezone Driving Instructor Paul’s driving lessons were filled with knowedge and all of the things I needed to know! He wasted no time in getting rid of my bad habits and replacing them with good ones! He was always on time and I highly recommend Paul and Drivezone to anyone!

 Simon Rickeard, Wentworth Falls

So happy today I finally pass my Ps test after 3 year being on my Ls I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Drivezone and my instructor Dominic! Thank you guys so much!!!

Kristelle Hughes, Katoomba

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