Sitting your Hazard Perception Test is a computer based test with you take at your local Roads and Maritime Service office. It is based on a moving vehicle going through certain Hazard situation mimicking real life driving situations which you will be asked to respond to avoid a potential collision.

The reason behind sitting the Hazard Perception Test is so when you take your on road Provisional 1Driving Test you will have the skills to react to any potential hazard of any type being things such a person who is crossing the road, a person who is exiting their vehicle, reducing your speed over the crest of a hill, a car backing out or a driveway or vehicle slowing down in front of you.

Here at Drivezone Driving School our driving instructors, Dominic, Ami, Laurie and Colin will teach you onroad hazard perception skills during your driving lessons so that you are already prepared for your Hazard Perception Test as well as your on road Provisional 1 Driving Test.

To sit for your Provisional Licence you must be at least 16 years of age and must have held your learners licence for a period of 12 months. You must also have completed your Hazard Perception Test at your local Roads and Maritime Service in order to be able to book your Provisional 1 driving test. This can be booked once you have held your Ls for a minimum of 9 months. Once you have passed your Hazard Perception Test the Roads and Maritime Service will ask you to book your Provisional 1 Driving Test.

The Roads and Maritime Services will ask you to keep the application form which you presented and also issue you with the paperwork stating you have passed your Hazard Perception Test.

Please do not book it with the Roads and Maritime Service as your Drivezone Driving Instructor will book the Provisional 1 test for you in order to make sure your driving instructor and their car will be available to you for your Provisional 1 driving test.

Please find a link to the Roads and Maritime Services Hazard Perception Test Handbook:

Hazard Perception Test Handbook


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