Sitting your Hazard Perception Test is a computer based test with you take at your local Roads and Maritime Service office. It is based on a moving vehicle going through certain Hazard situation mimicking real life driving situations which you will be asked to respond to avoid a potential collision.

The reason behind sitting the Hazard Perception Test is so when you take your on road Provisional 1Driving Test you will have the skills to react to any potential hazard of any type being things such a person who is crossing the road, a person who is exiting their vehicle, reducing your speed over the crest of a hill, a car backing out or a driveway or vehicle slowing down in front of you.

Here at Drivezone Driving School our driving instructors, Dominic, Ami, Laurie and Colin will teach you onroad hazard perception skills during your driving lessons so that you are already prepared for your Hazard Perception Test as well as your on road Provisional 1 Driving Test.

To sit for your Provisional Licence you must be at least 16 years of age and must have held your learners licence for a period of 12 months. You must also have completed your Hazard Perception Test at your local Roads and Maritime Service in order to be able to book your Provisional 1 driving test. This can be booked once you have held your Ls for a minimum of 9 months. Once you have passed your Hazard Perception Test the Roads and Maritime Service will ask you to book your Provisional 1 Driving Test.

The Roads and Maritime Services will ask you to keep the application form which you presented and also issue you with the paperwork stating you have passed your Hazard Perception Test.

Please do not book it with the Roads and Maritime Service as your Drivezone Driving Instructor will book the Provisional 1 test for you in order to make sure your driving instructor and their car will be available to you for your Provisional 1 driving test.

Please find a link to the Roads and Maritime Services Hazard Perception Test Handbook:

Hazard Perception Test Handbook


 Drivezone Driving School Penrith


Drivezone Driving School is affiliated with the Australian Drivers Trainers Association. Choosing a driving school that is a member of the Australian Drivers Trainers Association ensures that driving instructor is qualifications is up to date and current with the latest standards in driving instruction. The driving instructor will have all of the current and correct insurance and public liability insurance. Your Drivezone Driving School Penrith Driving Instructors will also be up to date with all health and safety requirements.

Your Drivezone Driving School Penrith Driving Instructors will also be up to date with all Police and Working With Children Checks.

When choosing the right driving school remember the following factors. Price is an important factor to ensure that the highest quality of lessons are being conducted as well as the school’s local reputation, its years in business, Google Reviews for Penrith, Facebook Testimonials for your area and Website Testimonials.

All of Drivezone Driving Schools Driving Instructors are up to date with all current laws and teaching methods and all our drivers and their dual control cars have the correct insurances so that each Drivezone Driving School student is guaranteed their safety during their driving lessons and to be taught the correct way right from their very first driving lesson.

Drivezone Driving School has four highly qualified driving instructors giving driving lessons in the Penrith areas.

Dominic conducts Automatic lessons proving the automatic vehicle for the lesson or manual lessons if you would like to do them in your own vehicle in Penrith suburbs, Ami conducts automatic lessons in Penrith suburbs.

Please call Ami our friendly receptionist on 02 4706 9318 or  0406 977 112 to book your lesson today!



Unfortunately we no longer cover Blacktown and only Penrith and its surrounding suburbs due to the fact our Blacktown Driving Instructor retired and moved out of the area.


You can make a left turn into a right lane directly as long as there are no solid road markings on the road. The lane you are turning into and the lane directly beside you must be clear before you pull out. The same goes for turning right: you may turn directly from the right lane directly into the left lane.

The only time this is not acceptable is if you are in a marked lane with turning arrows then you must end up in the same lane you started in.





Picking Correct Turning Lanes in Blacktown Drivezone Driving School Picking Correct Turning Lanes in Blacktown

Drivezone Driving School Picking Correct Turning Lanes in Blacktown Drivezone Driving School Picking Correct Turning Lanes in Blacktown

To book your Drivezone Driving School driving lesson call our bookings office on 02 4706 9318 and speak to our receptionist Ami.

Drivezone New Penrith RMS location

As you may have notice Penrith Roads and Maritime Services has moved it location to 333 High Street Penrith and is called Services NSW.

‘To contact the new Penrith Roads and Maritime Service call 13 22 13’

Driving Knowledge Test, Hazard Perception Tests and Driving Qualification Tests for the Penrith area and surrounding suburbs are now conducted from this new site.

New Penrith RMS locationMany new circumstances have arisen from the change in location for the driving test itself such as students will now have to pull out from the kerb into High Street Penrith out the front of the Services NSW building; this means they will have to be careful and look out for vehicles already on High Street, deal with the traffic lights not even 10 metres from where they will have to take off for their test and also keep in mind that not only does traffic come straight up High Street but also traffic turning left onto High Street coming out of Lawson Street at the set of traffic lights.

New Penrith RMS location Drive zone

Also students must be prepared to do a reverse park back onto the kerb on High Street when returning to Penrith Roads and Maritime Services at the end of their test.

Here at Drivezone Driving School our driving instructors Dominic, Ami, Laurie and Colin will prepare you 100% for the test at the new Penrith Roads and Maritime Services site taking into account all of the circumstances that arise from the location change.

Drivezone Driving SchoolDrivezone Driving School driving instructors will take you to the new Penrith Roads and Maritime Services and teach you how to deal with all of the new test situations at the new location.

If you would like to make a booking with Drivezone Driving School call us on 02 4706 9318 or 0406 977 112 or go to our website www.webserver/drivezone or email us on admin@webserver/drivezone.

Drivezone Driving School Turns at Traffic Lights in Richmond NSW

Richmond NSW has many turns at complex traffic lights.

Drivezone Driving School Turns at Traffic Lights in Richmond NSW

When making turns at traffic lights on approaching the green light you just slow right down to allow for the amber light ensuring you can stop safe behind Stop solid line.

If you are the first car waiting in line to turn either left or right you may proceed out slowly up to the furtherest pedestrian line and stop. You then need to give way to oncoming traffic, traffic turning left and pedestrians. When it is all clear you may make your turn. If whilst waiting in the intersection, the green light goes to amber you must proceed to make the right hand turn as you do not want your car to be caught stationery in the middle of the intersection once the light goes red.

Drivezone Driving School Turns Traffic Lights in Richmond NSW

When coming to a set of traffic lights always check the left hand traffic light post as it may have an advisory sign stating left turn on red permitted after stopping. If you come to this sign you must first stop behind the first line closet to you, like when using a Stop sign. Once you have come to a complete stop, you may creep forward whist checking right for traffic and if the traffic is clear or there is a safe gap to your right you may proceed with your left hand turn. Please be aware while you are waiting to turn left, your traffic lights do not go green.

Traffic Lights in Richmond NSWDrivezone Driving School Richmond NSW

If whilst waiting out in the centre if the traffic single goes amber it is safe to turn on the amber light making sure that no one in front runs the red light and all traffic is clear.

If you have a red arrow traffic light you must wait until it disappears in which case you can move put into the centre and give way or if it goes solid green you may turn.

When taking your Provisional 1 on road driving test at Richmond Roads and Maritime Services the above driving scenarios are extremely common.

To book your Drivezone Driving School Richmond NSW driving lesson call our bookings office on 0406 977 112 and speak to our receptionist Ami.


Drivezone Driving School Richmond NSW

Drivezone Driving School Richmond NSW

Drivezone Driving School is a driving school servicing the Richmond NSW area. Richmond is situated to the north west of Sydney.

Drivezone Driving School provides driving lessons in automatic vehicles and has locally based Richmond driving instructors dedicated to teaching in the Richmond area.

Richmond is a small semi rural area but has many traffic lights and complicated cross intersections. It can get very congested with heavy traffic coming in from North Richmond in the mornings and afternoons. Richmond test routes have many varied speed zones for example 40 through Hobartville and also the 60 to 80 zones travelling out to North Richmond or driving along Castlereagh Road. Richmond tests route also requires you to sometimes go over the train level crossing, this requires you to be aware if the lights flash red your vehicle is preparing to stop safely behind the solid white line road marking.

Richmond driving instructors

Drivezone Driving School has been operating in Richmond for over 25 years and has local driving instructors ready to help you with your driving as well as getting your Provisional 1 on road test in Richmond and showing you the complicated sections of the Provisional 1 on road test for the Richmond Roads and Maritime Services which is located at shop 5, 173 Windsor Street Richmond.

Drivezone Driving School Richmond has three full time driving instructors covering the Richmond areas. Dominic does lessons in auto and if you are looking to do manual lessons in your own manual vehicle, Dominic is fully qualified to take you out and has an unrestricted licence. Laurie does auto lessons in Richmond full time and Colin is Drivezone Driving Schools full time manual driving instructor.

If you would like to make a booking please call our friendly Drivezone Driving School receptionist Ami on 02 4706 9318 or 0406 977 112 to organise your first driving lesson and get driving today!


local driving instructors



Drivezone Driving school Automatic Vehicle Driving Lessons Penrith

Here at Drivezone Driving School Penrith our fleet consists of Kia Picantos and Holden Astras. All cars are late models, have dual controls, have air conditioning and kept to Roads and Maritime Services standards.


We have female and male instructors here as part of our Drivezone Driving School Fleet.

Our Driving Instructors cover the Penrith Roads and Maritime Services, each area having a driving instructor that is local to that area with a vast knowledge of the driving tests in the Penrith area.

The dual controls in our vehicles work simultaneously with master brake meaning we have total control of you and the car with you at all times.

For people wishing to conduct automatic driving lessons in the Penrith Area, Drivezone Driving School has 2 automatic driving instructors, male and female available from Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm.

Driving Instructors cover the Penrith

To book a driving lesson with one of our expert driving instructors here at Drivezone Driving School contact our friendly receptionist Ami on 02 4706 9318 or 0406 977 112.


Drivezone Driving School Driving Test Day Checklist

Drivezone Driving School has local driving instructors who cater for Penrith, Richmond and Springwood Roads and Maritime Services

The below checklist is for all Roads and Maritime Services:

  • Make sure you have passed your Hazard Perception Test
  • Prior to your test date make sure your logbook is fully completed and all topics are signed and dated noting entries such “ditto marks” or ticks will not be accepted and any driving entries recorded greater than 2 hours continuous driving will have 15 minutes deducted from the total hours.
  • Upon arriving at the RMS park your vehicle in the allocated parking spots for driving test vehicles 15 minutes prior to your driving test time.
  • Fill out a licence application form.
  • Upon entering the RMS building look out and approach the driving test counters and present your filled out paperwork including your licence application form, logbook and licence, placing your Learners Licence between the front page and first page of your logbook.
  • Once your paperwork has been checked over by RMS staff take a seat and wait for your name to called up at the appropriate test time.

Here at Drivezone Driving School if you have lessons with us and use our vehicle for the driving test our driving instructors will go through the above with you prior to your test, will check your log book to make sure it is filled out correctly and will be accepted by the RMS on the day of your test. Your Drivezone driving instructor will also go through each of the above steps with you on your driving test day ensuring your driving test experience is stress free and easy so all you have to concentrate on is passing your Provisional 1  driving test and obtaining your Provisional 1 drivers licence!


To make a booking with one of our local Drivezone driving instructors in the Penrith, Richmond and Springwood Blue Mountains areas or if you have any queries call our friendly receptionist Ami on 02 4706 9318 or 0406 977 112 or email us at admin@webserver/drivezone




Why have Professional Driving Lessons?

A Once Only Investment.

Why have Professional Driving LessonsResearch conducted by the RMS has proven that learners when provided with a structured approach to their driving lessons and driver training, the end result is that they become safer, more competent drivers, have less bad driving habits and are involved in fewer car accidents than those don’t have professional driving lessons.

It is also is extremely beneficial to the parent or guardian of the students with the knowledge and assurance that what is being taught during the structured lessons adheres to NSW legislation and RMS testing requirements.

Professional driving lessons also provided student with a stress free learning environment due to the fact that the cars are dual controlled meaning the driving instructor has compete control of the vehicle with the student at all times thus taking away the fear of having complete and alone control of the car and not knowing what to do etc. This ensures the student is able to learn at their own pace and in a safe environment.

Why choose Drivezone Driving School?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why choose Drivezone Driving School
At all times driving lessons should never be based of cost per lesson rather on quality and content of the driving lessons.

Firstly does your driving instructor speak fluent and coherent English?

You need to be able to understand your driving instructor clearly and what it is they are instructing you to do or what you are needing them to explain to you. Drivezone Driving School instructors all speak fluent English and clearly communicate instruction via verbal communication and physical demonstration, drawings of driving situations.

Are the driving instructors bringing their personal and unrelated problems to the driving lesson and not concentrating on the driving topics at hand?

Drivezone Driving Instructors provide a professional and structured one hour driving lesson based on the driving topics needed in order for you to become a safe and valuable member of the driving community.

Does the Driving School provide one hour fully uninterrupted driving lessons?

What is the Driving Schools current pass rateHere at Drivezone Driving School our driving instructors do not take bookings, phone calls or queries during a lesson. You, your daughter or your son will have their full attention for that complete hour where the lessons are planned around personal skill, learning style and pace. Each lesson is fully structured and each Drivezone Driving School student is issued with a record card containing all the topics you must complete in order to become a safe driver and pass the current NSW Ps Driver Qualification Test.

What is the Driving Schools current pass rate?

Here at Drivezone Driving School our driving test pass rate is 85%.

Of course as with anything you get what you pay for. Here at Drivezone Driving School we ensure you are given a quality driving lesson and are always happy to share our driving knowledge and training with parents and guardians to help them make getting a licence an easier process.

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