Why have Professional Driving Lessons?

A Once Only Investment.

Why have Professional Driving LessonsResearch conducted by the RMS has proven that learners when provided with a structured approach to their driving lessons and driver training, the end result is that they become safer, more competent drivers, have less bad driving habits and are involved in fewer car accidents than those don’t have professional driving lessons.

It is also is extremely beneficial to the parent or guardian of the students with the knowledge and assurance that what is being taught during the structured lessons adheres to NSW legislation and RMS testing requirements.

Professional driving lessons also provided student with a stress free learning environment due to the fact that the cars are dual controlled meaning the driving instructor has compete control of the vehicle with the student at all times thus taking away the fear of having complete and alone control of the car and not knowing what to do etc. This ensures the student is able to learn at their own pace and in a safe environment.

Why choose Drivezone Driving School?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why choose Drivezone Driving School
At all times driving lessons should never be based of cost per lesson rather on quality and content of the driving lessons.

Firstly does your driving instructor speak fluent and coherent English?

You need to be able to understand your driving instructor clearly and what it is they are instructing you to do or what you are needing them to explain to you. Drivezone Driving School instructors all speak fluent English and clearly communicate instruction via verbal communication and physical demonstration, drawings of driving situations.

Are the driving instructors bringing their personal and unrelated problems to the driving lesson and not concentrating on the driving topics at hand?

Drivezone Driving Instructors provide a professional and structured one hour driving lesson based on the driving topics needed in order for you to become a safe and valuable member of the driving community.

Does the Driving School provide one hour fully uninterrupted driving lessons?

What is the Driving Schools current pass rateHere at Drivezone Driving School our driving instructors do not take bookings, phone calls or queries during a lesson. You, your daughter or your son will have their full attention for that complete hour where the lessons are planned around personal skill, learning style and pace. Each lesson is fully structured and each Drivezone Driving School student is issued with a record card containing all the topics you must complete in order to become a safe driver and pass the current NSW Ps Driver Qualification Test.

What is the Driving Schools current pass rate?

Here at Drivezone Driving School our driving test pass rate is 85%.

Of course as with anything you get what you pay for. Here at Drivezone Driving School we ensure you are given a quality driving lesson and are always happy to share our driving knowledge and training with parents and guardians to help them make getting a licence an easier process.

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